What are your dreams for 2015?

The book of 2015As I’ve written here and here, I’m not really into the whole New Year’s resolutions thing. Which isn’t to stay I don’t spend time reflecting on the year ahead. I just like to keep things more open because (for me, for now) that seems a better fit.

At the start of this fast disappearing year, my friend Grace created what she called a “Bratty Wish List for 2014.” Looking back at it recently, she had a revelation (posted on Facebook and shared here with her permission.)


Because miracles happen all the time! And I need reminders for this. How “all of my dreams could be coming true” can feel like “everything falling apart all the time” surprisingly often. Because that was 2013, as we have learned.”

So . . . there were 9 items on the list. All of those items felt so big, slightly-to-extremely scary, improbable. I am reporting in December 2014 that SIX OF THE NINE OF THEM CAME TRUE.

Of the remaining three that I didn’t get, I don’t really care about one of them anymore. Regarding the remaining two, I still don’t have those things but I feel faaaaar less stuckified about them than I did a year ago. In fact, everything I went through this year has been full of incredibly useful learnings that will allow me to be far better prepared to receive them when I do.

Right then, I decided that this is the spirit in which I’d approach this coming year. Yes, I’m making a list, but it’s not a list of resolutions or goals. Rather it’s a list of data points in a playful experiment that I sometimes call “my life.” Maybe some of these will come to be. Maybe they’ll evolve. Maybe they’ll give way to other dreams. Maybe I’ll lose interest. But regardless of what happens, there is no failure. There is only curiosity and learning.

What are your dreams for 2015?

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