What does it mean to embark?

Credit: http://lifechangehypnotherapy.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/canoe-river.jpg
Credit: http://lifechangehypnotherapy.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/canoe-river.jpg

December 1, 2014, a new month opens up, as we head into the confusing, hectic rush of another holiday season. For Christians (and spiritual eclectics such as me), this also marks the beginning of the advent calendar. And, as we move towards the end of one year, we approach the beginning of the next.

Havi Brooks, one of my touchstones in the virtual world, talks a lot about embarking. Indeed, a short program called “The Art of Embarking” is a prerequisite for admission to her real-life offerings. In the aftermath of last night’s advent service–the first time I’ve been to church in years, but last night I had an impulse and decided to act on it–I dug out my copy.

The Art of Embarking is replete with questions and proposed experiments, and it’s framed by words that floated up years back at the end of a yoga practice: Enter as you wish to be in it. Exit as you wish to continue. (Buddhists might call this a koan.)

There is more, much more, but this is by way of explaining why this question is on my mind. What does it mean to embark? Right now, for me.

What does it mean to embark?

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